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Mar 1, 2020 2:06:46 PM Lindsay Gillanders

Are you tracking employee time worked by hand, writing hours worked on a piece of paper? Are you looking for a better way to track time worked and prevent time theft and overspending?

There’s a better way! Introducing the Ameego time clock, a VERY handy tool that’s going to make your life even easier (because with a million things on your plate, tracking breaks and shift punches isn't something you need to add).


There is no longer any need to pay a third party for time and attendance - employees will be able to punch in and out through the Ameego time clock. All your scheduling and time and attendance needs will be housed in Ameego (and all of your records and documents will be easy to find and easy to access whenever you need them).

This handy tool has some fantastic features to make it as convenient as possible. Features like:

  • The ability to access time clock from a desktop, laptop, or tablet device (iOS and Android)
  • Easily track and record employee HR notes directly within time clock
  • Set clock-in enforcement rules to prevent early or late clock-ins
  • Set time rounding rules to prevent overpayment 
  • Late, overtime, and break notifications will  ensure labour optimization
  • Manager override and approvals for any clock-ins that fall outside of set parameters 

Take a look for yourself:

Time clock is now available to Ameego Connect users and we think you’re going to LOVE It. Some of the simple benefits include: 

  • Elimination of time theft and buddy punches
  • Record keeping of all punch adjustments made by management
  • Easily export payroll data to your existing payroll processors like ADP, Ceridian, Payworks, etc 
  • Huge time savings (no more manual tracking and record keeping!)
  • Reduce human error in calculations and ensure accuracy and consistency 

Sound like something you’d like to add to your Ameego arsenal? Contact us today to get started!

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