NEW! Manual Sales Forecast Adjustment

Jan 23, 2020 12:15:54 PM Lindsay Gillanders

One of the things that we pride ourselves on at Ameego is our ability to listen to our customers and respond accordingly. If there’s a piece of functionality, or a functionality tweak that you’re looking for we’d love to hear about it. If there’s business logic and it provides value we’ll add it to the list and try our darndest to make it happen. That said, we’re thrilled to announce that our latest piece of functionality was a client suggestion and that it’s been deployed to the masses!

So what is it you ask?:

Users can now manually add a specific sales dollar amount to the sales forecast for a specific time period (day/event).

Here’s how it works and why you want it:

Ameego already tells you how busy you’re going to be based on historical sales data, but what about one-off events or situations that pop up and may not be reflected in your historicals?

Say there’s a big event or festival happening beside your restaurant. Things are going to get bananas busy while that event is happening, but it probably won’t affect your regular sales before or after. Now you can manually add whatever extra sales you know you’ll do during the event, and then let things even off when the event dies down. That way your cuts and start times get even more dialed in!

Same goes for if you have a big catering order. You can stack your sales when you know the kitchen will be prepping the order, and pull back after it leaves the building! 

Basically,  Ameego will now get even more in tune with your needs, and your labour budget will get  even more efficient!

Not using Ameego but think this sounds pretty neat? It is! Hit the button below to see more in a zero-obligation demo. We’d love to show you what we can do!

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Topics: Restaurant Scheduling, Improving Restaurant Profit