Congratulations you survived the holidays! Team Ameego has some helpful tips to get you back on track to make 2020 your best year ever.

1/13/20 11:00 AM Lindsay Gillanders

Having spent a combined 100+ years working in restaurants, our team understands the stress. The sick calls, the never-ending reservations and wait times, the intense prep before every shift, and four hours of sleep every night while you think about how you’re going to get through another 14 hour day. 

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A quick and handy guide to Bill 148 (and anyone else struggling with rising labour costs and increased reporting requirements!)

8/14/18 6:00 AM Lindsay Gillanders

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Struggling with employee retention? We have an app for that!

2/2/18 6:59 AM Lindsay Gillanders

Are you glued to your phone? It’s okay to admit that you are, and you’re not the only one. We all know that mobile devices are here to stay, but did you know that they’re actually replacing desktop devices when it comes to accessing the web? According to Entrepreneur Magazine Online, in December 2017, 56.74 percent of internet traffic came from mobile devices (including tablets). That’s huge! While mobile responsive websites were once a nice to have now they’re a requirement, and companies are adding app versions of their sites alongside them as a clean and efficient way to access their content.

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Top three things to consider when buying restaurant scheduling software

9/7/16 7:00 AM Natalie Appleton

There has to be a better way.

You’ve said it before.

Your managers say it all the time as they emerge like zombies bearing this week’s schedule after four hours in the stuffy back office littered with time-off requests written on napkins.

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Three best weather apps for the restaurant industry

7/19/16 7:00 AM Natalie Appleton

We’ve all been there: Dozens of guests trampling over chairs to get inside during a flash rain.

All hands on deck racing to carry plates and drinks from the patio to who-knows-which-table inside the restaurant.

Flushed servers scrambling to find their guests, switch tables, swap bills.

It’s humid.

It’s crazy.

In a few minutes, it’s sunny.

And everyone wants to go back outside with a mojito.

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Usability equals use: why the restaurant scheduling software you choose needs simplicity

4/5/16 7:00 AM Natalie Appleton


If we asked a handful of restaurant managers and owners what’s important to them when choosing scheduling software, they’d probably mention cost, they may ask about integration with their point-of-sale system, and they might even inquire about features—labor forecasting or time tracking.

And somewhere down the list would be, It has to be easy to use.

And yet, in the long run, ease of use might be the most important factor of all.

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6 Emerging Restaurant Trends To Watch in 2016

1/12/16 7:00 AM Megan Duffy


While it’s tempting to believe all a restaurant needs is amazing food, this sadly isn’t enough to build a successful establishment.

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6 Common Restaurant Scheduling Mistakes

11/24/15 7:00 AM Megan Duffy


It’s every restaurant manager’s nightmare.

Tuesdays are never too busy, and you scheduled the minimum amount of staff needed to handle the night. However, a few hours after your normal dinner rush, you look up and see a couple standing at the door.  

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Do restaurant managers that work more than 40 hours a week actually get more done?

10/21/15 7:00 AM Ted Vrountas


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Excel, POS or Online: Which restaurant scheduling software is the best for you?

10/7/15 7:00 AM Tyler Edwards


Are you still using a pen and paper to create your employee schedule?

How about an abbreviated method where you print out a blank spreadsheet, sit down to write out the schedule - by hand - and then transfer it back into your computer? Yikes.

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Productivity, Decision Fatigue and Results: How to Get More out of Your Day

9/22/15 7:00 AM Kris Edwards


I once read about a study that examined the variables of a judge granting parole to prisoners who had committed a wide variety of crimes. While there were a number of factors that contributed to the overall judgment on whether or not to grant parole, there was one overwhelming variable that predicted the outcome:

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The Four-Letter Word You Need to Stop Using

8/11/15 8:00 AM Richelle Starke

Four Letter Word

I don’t know how you feel about foul language.

Maybe you watch your word choice in certain situations or with particular people.

But there’s a four-letter word you’re probably using every day – without even knowing it. And it’s time to cut it out of your vocabulary.

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