[Part 2] How to empower your restaurant staff without comping your profits

9/15/15 7:00 AM Richelle Starke


In our last blog post, we looked at how empowering your employees can have a positive impact on customer experience. But there's another compelling reason why, as a restaurant owner or general manager, you should empower the team you have working for you.

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Topics: Leadership, Restaurant Culture

How to empower your restaurant staff without comping your profits [Part 1]

9/10/15 7:00 AM Richelle Starke


I recently overheard two conversations about two very different restaurant experiences.

In the first story, some colleagues were out for a meal at the end of a two-day conference...

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Topics: Leadership, Restaurant Culture

The Death of Upselling in Restaurants

8/26/15 7:00 AM Tyler Edwards

Upselling is Dead

“Upselling” is a term that has been tossed around the hospitality industry for decades.

And I think it’s one of the dirtiest words in the English language.

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Topics: Leadership, Restaurant Culture, Improving Restaurant Profit

The Four-Letter Word You Need to Stop Using

8/11/15 8:00 AM Richelle Starke

Four Letter Word

I don’t know how you feel about foul language.

Maybe you watch your word choice in certain situations or with particular people.

But there’s a four-letter word you’re probably using every day – without even knowing it. And it’s time to cut it out of your vocabulary.

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Is the Management Team at your Restaurant Aligned for Success?

7/21/15 8:00 AM Tyler Edwards


I remember a time when my restaurant was facing a significant challenge.  

I finally sat down with one of my managers and asked him how he thought things were going in a certain department. I was shocked to hear him reply, “We’re doing great!”

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Topics: Leadership, Staff Communication Tools