Restaurant scheduling software that helps you minimize the impact of a minimum wage increase.

How long does it take you to do your restaurant schedule each week? How many times do you have to change it? Is the schedule you create based soley on employee availability or are you scheduling to maximize your profit?

Imagine you could create a budget-optimized schedule that was based on your restaurant’s actual historical data in seconds and all you had to do was touch a button. Sound good? Great! Now stop imagining and get Ameego!

Ameego saves management time, reduces labor costs and makes staff happy. It also helps you minimize the impact of minimum wage increases by reducing over-scheduling for shifts and reducing the incidents of over payment in wages.

Contact Ameego when you're ready to get your restaurant schedules off paper and onto a more optimized labor solution that will ultimately save you money.

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Divino Wine Studio

“The Ameego team made the process of integrating the scheduling system into our business a true pleasure with their professionalism and step by step support in the process.”

Betty O’Rourke - Manager - Divino Wine Studio

Ameego Connect integrates easily with your POS system giving you access to historical data.


One-touch automated schedules save both time and money.


Email and text notifications mean your employees always get the message.

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