Ameego restaurant scheduling software helps control labor costs across your entire organization.

As an owner of multiple restaurants, you know how quickly one small thing (like an increase to minimum wage) can snowball once it’s applied across all your properties. Often, you’re the only one who gets to see that big picture for your entire organization. That’s why it’s important you arm your organization with tools that will allow them to give you the best data possible so you can make sure your labor costs are under control. That’s where Ameego comes in.

Ameego (the most powerful version of Ameego) is a restaurant scheduling software that easily integrates with your POS system. This allows your managers to create more accurate sales forecasts and budget optimized schedules based on relevant historical data with the touch of a button. And really, do you want your managers out on the floor making sure everything is running smoothly or hunched over a computer making and revising schedules?

Don’t keep losing time and money. Start using Ameego online restaurant scheduling and see your profits increase!

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“Ameego is saving me anywhere from seven to nine hours per week in regards to scheduling and communication. A schedule used to take me two to three hours to do properly. Now it's less than 30 minutes and more accurate than before.”

Parth Patel – General Manager – Tim hortons

Ameego integrates easily with your POS system giving you access to historical data.


Comparison reporting gives you the data you need, when you need it.


Our Manager’s Log Book makes sure your management team is all on the same page.

  ultimate wage increase number cruncher

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