With Ameego, one touch automated schedules save time and money.

create schedules in a matter of secondsCreating a restaurant schedule that's balanced and profitable isn’t easy but it's the best way to ensure that your customers, your employees, and your owners are happy.

Ameego offers one touch automated schedules that use employee profiles to account for skill levels, weekly availabilities, and time off requests.

The schedule is created in a matter of seconds, projecting your costs based on actual employee wages. You're done the schedule in minutes (compared to the hours it's probably taking with out Ameego) and you look like a hero. Not too shabby!

Boston Pizza

“Ameego’s one touch scheduler helps create my employee schedules in just minutes! It saves me time, money and it’s sooo easy!”

Tamara Goebel – General Manager – Boston Pizza Lloydminster

Eliminate overspending on
labor costs due to unscheduled overtime or unneeded shifts.


Increase guest satisfaction by scheduling with employee skill levels in mind.


Owners have less unnecessary labor costs and more profit.


Managers are spending their time on customers, not schedules.


Employees are less likely to have to change the schedule.

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