Our multi-store, enterprise reporting makes you feel like you’re in several places at once, without leaving your office!

send and receive email and text message notifications of shifts

Running one restaurant is stressful but if you’re a multi-unit owner or manager we can only imagine the pressure of keeping everything together. That’s why we’ve designed our enterprise level reporting, giving you a snapshot of how every store is doing under one convenient account.

Using the enterprise reporting you can see and review the labour performance of all of your stores and compare their performance at the click of a button. For example, instead of waiting until the end of Q1 to see that your western store is overspending you can catch negative trends before they start and use any overspends as a coaching opportunity with your staff before they start eating into your profits! This provides accountability and oversight that traditional paper schedules just don’t provide, and it will save you tons of previously wasted dollars.

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“Budgeting, planning and auto scheduling are awesome but the communication and replacement of staff is the best. The text and email notifications are a huge time saver. Instead of sitting in the office on the phone I click a couple buttons and I'm out on the floor where I should be.”

Sandy Nebsitt – General Manager – Meathead True Food & Drink

See what all your stores are up to one one convenient location.


Easily see and track sales trends and see where you need to improve!


See how all of your stores are performing in one, easy to access location.

multi unit reporting means

Presidents and owners can appreciate efficient operations and track trends.

Multi unit reporting means

Staff stay happy and satisfied with efficient and mutually beneficial schedules. 

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