Improve communication across your management team by consolidating information into a single location.

improve restaurant management communicationsKeeping organized records for your restaurant(s) in a single, online location will help you look back on your history to see what hindered productivity, and what encouraged growth.

What was the weather like? Who called in sick? Was your new margarita night the hit you thought it would be? Details like these may seem small but sometimes they can make all the difference in your scheduling and sales forecasting!

The Ameego manager log book is a key tool for both single unit and multi-unit owners who need to align management styles and sales goals. It allows teams to easily share knowledge, operation details, and most importantly, learn along the way.

Prime Pubs

“Having our log notes online is great for visibility from every layer. It gives our operators the opportunity to be proactive when planning future budgets and schedules by being able to reference and leverage historical information.”

Charles MacInnes – Regional Operations Manager – Prime Pubs

In-depth understanding of what’s behind your numbers.


Online access – anytime, anywhere.

The manager’s log book

Allows owners to compare results across multiple locations.

The manager’s log book

Tracks important data that will inform intelligent schedules.

The manager’s log book

Helps contribute to employee success.

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