Quickly approve staff availability, book off, and trade requests with Ameego!

send and receive email and text message notifications of shifts

If you’re not using Ameego to create your schedules, scheduling is probably one of the biggest tasks on your plate every week. It can take hours to create a schedule (check out our one touch scheduling tool if you’d like to reduce that!) only to have your staff moan and complain that you violated their availability, or that you forgot that they were taking a day off.

Ameego makes managing staff requests a snap. Availability and book off requests are all done through Ameego so they’re there when you log in to make the schedule. Staff can also drop and swap shifts in our shift shop and all you have to do is login and approve or deny them!  Plus since Ameego allows you to assign badges to employees that outline what jobs their qualified to do, trades between staff can only be requested with others who are qualified to take the shift. Added bonus: our overtime warnings will also let you know when an employee is approaching their weekly max so that you’re not paying out overtime when you don’t have to!

Communication with staff is also a lot easier with Ameego. You can use email and text right in the platform to make sure that your staff know what’s going on. Your full employee contact list is available, and with our mobile app Ameego Anyware, staff will receive notifications no matter where they are (as long as they have a smartphone).  Need a line cook for Tuesday at 6:00? You can send a message that instantly starts blowing up the phones of all of your cooks asking if they can help. No need to spend hours calling them all.

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Fionn MacCool's

Ameego is great for managing staff requests, and the manager specific functionality in the mobile app is great. I can manage all staff requests without having to be in front of a computer. With a large staff and with how busy I am, I love the convenience of being able to approve days off, shift changes, and availability requests from my phone at any time!



Built in replacement locator helps you find available, qualified staff and notify them in seconds.


Individual communications and group notifications are fast and easy.

Notifications mean

Your managers aren’t wasting time on the phone, when they should be on the floor.

Notifications mean

You save time and all your staff gets the message – without any grapevine changes.

Notifications mean

You get the information you need without having to come into the restaurant.

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