Your restaurant staff can log in and manage their shifts online – which means you don’t have to.

online restaurant employee portalNo more time off requests written on napkins, or staff phone calls during the dinner rush trying to find out when they work. Ameego’s online employee portal gives your staff the ability to view schedules, request time off, and trade shifts from anywhere with internet access – at any time.

Finding and keeping great staff is one of a restaurant’s hardest challenges. Helping your staff take control of their own schedule is one way to show them you respect their need for work-life balance.

Merchant Kitchen

“Our staff members love the accessibility. Now instead of having to call or come down to the restaurant, they can manage their schedule, trade shifts, etc. online and from their phones. It saves us a pile of time and has eliminated disruptions from staff calls.”

Suzi Afifi - Manager - The Merchant Kitchen

Desktop and mobile access.


Improved employee satisfaction.

The employee portal

Means managers and employees are both focused on giving the best service possible.

The employee portal

Means schedule changes can happen within specific preset parameters with minimal management involvement.

The employee portal

Lets employees manage and balance their work and social lives.

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