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When planning your staff holiday party don't forget about your culture

11/16/16 7:00 AM Jason Wagenaar

The best Christmas party Ameego ever had.

Sounds like the title of the kind of story you write on the first day back at school after Christmas holidays. Except I’m sure I would have spelled Ameego wrong.  

And when I was nine a ‘party’ still involved everyone bringing cookies from home, and maybe a mix tape with Madonna and Hall and Oates. Classic.

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Ameego Year In Review - 2015

12/23/15 7:00 AM Jason Wagenaar


It’s funny - it seems that every year around this time we say the same thing - What a great year...our best yet!  

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What Canadian restaurants need to know about the minimum wage increase Oct. 1st [Infographic]

9/29/15 7:00 AM Jason Wagenaar

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What happens to a restaurant that tries to please everybody?

9/3/15 7:00 AM Jason Wagenaar


Strangely enough the exact same thing that happens to other companies that try to please everybody.  Ameego is no exception.

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Restaurant manager log book: why your restaurant should NOT be using one

7/28/15 8:33 AM Jason Wagenaar

Restaurant Manager Log Book

Do you consider yourself an organized person?

Are you feeling trapped by the plans you make way too far in advance or weighed down by simply knowing too much about your current situation?

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Ameego Now Integrates with Micros POS

7/23/15 8:30 AM Jason Wagenaar

Micros POS

Ameego is excited to announce the integration of its online restaurant scheduling and labor management software with MICROS point-of-sale (POS) platform.

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Topics: Restaurant Sales and Labor Forecasting, Integrations

We’ve Got a Secret that Can Improve your Restaurant Labor. And it’s Soooo Easy.

7/14/15 6:00 AM Jason Wagenaar


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Topics: Restaurant Labor Control, Time and Attendance

Improve Your Restaurant Labor Using These 3 Best Practices

6/23/15 10:53 AM Jason Wagenaar

Reduce Restaurant Labor 

Let me guess – you don’t need help with your restaurant labor.

You run some of the best labor of anyone you know and there’s no way it can get any better. That’s what Tom said too.

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Introducing 'Unscheduled' - Ameego's Blog for Restaurant People

6/23/15 10:48 AM Jason Wagenaar

Online Restaurant Scheduling Blog: Unscheduled

Sound the trumpets...Da da da daaaaa...Ameego is blogging!  

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