Check your schedule, trade or drop shifts, and book days off with our mobile app Ameego Anyware!

send and receive email and text message notifications of shifts

We all know how hard it can be to keep track of your schedule. Opens, closes, split shifts - there’s a lot to keep straight! Once you start trading, swapping, and dropping things can get even harder to keep straight. Back when a certain member of team Ameego was a server she was notorious for mixing up the days she was working and get slapped with the dreaded “Why aren’t you at work?” call. It was the worst.

When we designed our mobile app we aimed to change all that. We wanted to give you access to your full schedule in the palm of your hand, plus allow you to make changes easily and stress free!

With the Ameego Anyware app staff members can:

  • View their shifts easily on our dashboard (aka as soon as you log in!). It’s easy to see shifts this week, next week, and into the future
  • Request book-offs directly to your manager with a few quick taps. You can access our ‘shift shop’ and request pick up of dropped shifts from other staff
  • View the full weekly schedule (who’s on, who’s off) in one screen
  • Get instant push notifications of shifts, book off approvals or denials, and new messages (this is huge - you’ll get told when stuff happens directly on your phone, even if the app is closed)
  • Full instant messaging system
    • Inbox system with individual message threads (like email) and message thread replying (like a text message conversation)
    • Send messages to individuals, departments or everyone with a few taps
    • Message read receipts (see who has read your message and who hasn’t!)
  • Full contact list
    • Instantly find phone and email details of any member of staff at your location
    • One tap calls them straight away or opens your email to email them

Is your restaurant using Ameego but you don’t have the app? What are you waiting for? Download it now from iTunes or Google Play!

Is your location not using Ameego but you think it should? Tell them about us!

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“Budgeting, planning and auto scheduling are awesome but the communication and replacement of staff is the best. The text and email notifications are a huge time saver. Instead of sitting in the office on the phone I click a couple buttons and I'm out on the floor where I should be.”

Sandy Nebsitt – General Manager – Meathead True Food & Drink

Looking to drop or change a shift? Find available, qualified staff and notify them in seconds.


Individual communications and group notifications are fast and easy.

AMeego anyware app means

Happy and engaged staff (who know when they need to work!)

Ameego Anyware App Means

Easy communication with staff! no more missed shifts or endless email chains.

Ameego anyware app mean

You get the information you need without having to come into the restaurant.

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