Struggling with employee retention? We have an app for that!

2/2/18 6:59 AM Lindsay Gillanders

Are you glued to your phone? It’s okay to admit that you are, and you’re not the only one. We all know that mobile devices are here to stay, but did you know that they’re actually replacing desktop devices when it comes to accessing the web? According to Entrepreneur Magazine Online, in December 2017, 56.74 percent of internet traffic came from mobile devices (including tablets). That’s huge! While mobile responsive websites were once a nice to have now they’re a requirement, and companies are adding app versions of their sites alongside them as a clean and efficient way to access their content.

We talk often about how using Ameego can cut labour and automate scheduling resulting in wage savings, but have you ever thought about what it can do for employee retention? Hiring is an expensive process. You have to pay manager time to interview candidates and often it takes hours to plow through piles of resumes that come your way. Plus we all know that good people are hard to find. Everytime you let a trained employee go you’re giving up those training hours. Do that enough times and you’ll end up in the poor house.

So how does that relate to scheduling?

Back in the days when most of the Ameego gang was working together in a restaurant we had to head on down to the back office to check our schedules. Book offs were done in a little notebook, and availability was submitted on a photocopied form. It was a lot of work to head on down to the restaurant to chat with your manager about switching something and often mistakes were made that lead to over, or under scheduling.

All of that back and forth was frustrating for us, and we know it was for managers as well. There were days when we would call over and over again hoping that someone would pick up the phone and let us know when we worked that week, and even more times when we copied a shift down wrong and accidentally didn't show up, or came in late. No one likes that kind of stuff. It makes good employees look bad sometimes, and frustrates the people who work hard for you every day.

While scheduling is what we do, making it easier to access schedules and work together as a team is something we’re passionate about. We think that great schedules and employee retention go together like peanut butter and jelly. We want to make sure that your good employees stay in your good books, and that the whole restaurant hums along like a well oiled machine.

Our little flashback to the days when “team Ameego” was “team restaurant” shows that making it easier for staff to access their shifts and keep you informed of their availability is key.

Ameego Anyware is the app version of our Ameego software. It’s designed to make your staff as happy as possible, help them stick around as a dedicated staff members, and make accessing their schedule simple. We know that they’re busy and it wasn't enough for us to simply design a mobile responsive website for staff to use with our software. We wanted to hit it out of the park with a well designed, easy to use app that makes checking the schedule easy for staff and keeping in touch with managers and owners a breeze.

Available for both Apple and Android devices, Ameego Anyware makes a big impact. Not only is it optimized to run on a mobile device (duh!), but it provides your staff with a teeny scheduling buddy wherever they go.

For staff

Ameego Anyware is designed to make interactions between staff and managers as easy as pie. No more staff time off requests written on napkins, or staff phone calls during the dinner rush trying to find out when they work. Ameego Anyware gives your staff the ability to view schedules, request time off, and trade shifts from anywhere with internet access – at any time.

For managers

We know that restaurant managers have 12 hours worth of tasks to do and often only eight hours to do them in. You’re busy and we get that. That’s why we designed the Ameego Anyware manager functionality to help you slog through some of the day to day tasks that bog you down as quickly and efficiently as possible.

So what does that mean?  

It means that managers can use our app to keep tabs on the restaurant operations while they’re not on the floor or even in the store! It means that they can easily and efficiently manage staff requests (availability, shift swaps, and book offs)  while they’re on the go. It means that they have a powerful money saving, time saving tool in their pocket wherever they go!

Within the Ameego Anyware mobile app managers can:

  • See the daily weather forecast (need to cut your patio servers because of rain? Know with plenty of time!).
  • View projected sales.
  • View weekly sales actuals (and how they compare to projections).
  • View the week’s labour (and how it compares to projections).
  • View any team requests pending (book-offs, availability, shift swaps).
  • See the daily schedule (aka a list view of all staff scheduled with shifts for the day).
  • View / approve / deny staff requests like book-offs, shift shop, and availability. Plus, you’ll receive notifications for requests directly to the app (and you can choose which departments you wish to see notifications from).
  • All the other Ameego Anyware features are still accessible as before.

Plus you can push notifications to your staff to make sure that they know what’s going on. Need a server for Saturday at 5:00? Using Ameego Anyware you can send a message that instantly starts blowing up the phones of all of your servers asking if they can help. No need to spend hours calling them all.

Join the revolution

Sound amazing? It is, and it’s always improving. At Ameego we like to think of everything we do as a work in progress. We’re always changing and evolving to add new services that can make your scheduling easier and your restaurant more profitable. Today it’s an app, tomorrow, who knows?

Want to add Ameego to your restaurant arsenal? We’re happy to help! Learn how your operation can use restaurant scheduling software to align sales with labour spending and save thousands with Ameego! Book your free, no obligation demo today!

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