Ameego Connect's advanced sales and labor forecasting adds historical perspective to your schedules.

forecast labor hours and costsAmeego Connect uses historical data gathered from your POS system and your manager log book to help you create unique and optimized schedules.

Using historical trends, it will allow you to create better forecasts that reduce your labor costs and maximize your profits.

How does it do it? 

For example, say that you get a huge spike in sales on on a Tuesday night between 5:00 and 7:00 pm. Without our POS integration you fill every section in your restaurant and lounge, and fully staff the kitchen. It’s an all hands on deck senario. When Tuesday rolls around it turns out your dining room staff are twiddling their thumbs for two hours while poor Paul the bartender churns out more bellinis than in the whole of Italy. Ameego can tell that that’s probably what’s going to happen and allow you to increase staff in the bar and decrease in the dining room. 

The longer you’re using Ameego Connect, the more accurate your data will get, and the better you’ll be at labor forecasting. Kind of like a crystal ball.

East Side Mario's

“I didn’t think our store was ‘wasting’ hours and in our case, we were able to cut labour cost by half a percentage point in a matter of two schedules.”

Barry Reed – Franchisee – East Side Mario’s Moncton

Create projections for each department, segment, day-part.


Generate intelligent weekly sales and staffing plan.

Labor forecasting means

Owners can plan on increased profits.

Labor forecasting means

Managers can take historical sales and labor trends into account.

Labor Forecasting Means

Employees are being utilized effectively.

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