The Ameego story:

Since 2006, Ameego has been helping restaurants create better employee schedules.

Not schedules that are copied over from the previous week and not based on a budget - better schedules that save management time, reduce labor costs, and make staff happy.

Ameego started in a basement (literally) as a two man operation that set out to solve the challenges experienced while they were working in restaurants.

Today, while no longer operated from a basement (most of the time), Ameego is a growing company that's helping thousands of restaurant people around the world. Regardless, over that time our mission has never changed: we're in pursuit of providing the perfect schedule to all restaurants worldwide.

Perfection might seem unattainable to some, but how will you know if you don't try?

“We realized a positive impact on our labor within four weeks of rolling the program into each location. Our managers and employees alike love the program and how user-friendly it is. Management are now able to spend less time to create more efficient schedules which better match our guest traffic and sales volumes resulting in better service and happier guests.”

Deborah Gagnon – VP Operations – Denny’s Canada

Who we work for

The Owner

Who's trying to maintain profitability through yet another wage increase.

The Manager

Who just worked a 65 hour week and is about to start another.

The Employee

Who has to take the bus to work to try and find someone to cover a shift.


Kris Edwards

VP Operations

When someone asks me what I do I say: "Hanz Skitzvelvet - Trainer of dolphins. You want to talk to the dolphin, you talk to me."


Jason Wagenaar

VP Business Development

In Fargo, North Dakota I ran from from the Holiday Inn to Hornbachers in under 60 seconds.


Pam McCallum

Client concierge

I'm a Seinfeld junky and can quote any episode...and do daily :)

'Hellooooooooooo La La Laaaaa'


Brett Woodman

Director, Platform Development

My childhood nickname was 'the bread basket'. I still love bread, and have added cookies to the list.


Anonh Khouvongsavanh

Director, Predictive Scheduling

A life goal of mine is to one day visit all the continents of the world.

Three more to go!


Grant Rogers

VP Sales

If Grant's life were to be made into a TV movie, he would be played by Alec Baldwin from Glengarry Glen Ross.

"A B C"


Dean Sacco

Director, Client Success

The Dos Equis ‘Most Interesting Man in The World’ is loosely based on Dean's life and his Seinfeld knowledge rivals Pam. Former Ameego user, forever Ameego enthusiast.


Tyler Edwards

Director, POC Success

Guilty pleasure: watching Slice TV. I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to Million Dollar Listing LA and New York. Not totally sold on San Fran yet...

Don Draper.jpg

Jordan Kovacs

Director, Finance

Jordan is often mistaken for Jon Hamm - although there’s no way Jon is as good with numbers. :)

Other things you should know

We're a Family

We have a tight knit group of nine staff members and a handful of freelance team members working with us at any given time.

We Are Privately Funded

No venture capital here! We’re not interested in growing Ameego and selling to the highest bidder.

We Do What We Do Because We Love It

Nearly all of our team (95%) have worked in restaurants at some point in their career.