Congratulations you survived the holidays! Team Ameego has some helpful tips to get you back on track to make 2020 your best year ever.

1/13/20 11:00 AM Lindsay Gillanders

Having spent a combined 100+ years working in restaurants, our team understands the stress. The sick calls, the never-ending reservations and wait times, the intense prep before every shift, and four hours of sleep every night while you think about how you’re going to get through another 14 hour day. 

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Topics: Manager Time Savings, Improving Restaurant Profit, Time and Attendance, Staff Communication Tools, Guest Experience

Maximizing outdoor profitability: handy tips to keep your patio profits flowing

6/24/19 8:00 AM Lindsay Gillanders

Team Ameego is based in Canada and living in the frozen tundra for half the year really makes us appreciate a good patio. Canadians count the days until they can eat outside, and we know that we’re not alone in this. According to a study by the Simons Advisory Group, a great outdoor space can help increase restaurant profits by up to 30 percent. So how do you get in on that action?

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Topics: Improving Restaurant Profit, Guest Experience

Sports fans: untapped revenue for your lounge?

5/15/19 7:00 AM Lindsay Gillanders

We’re in the middle of sports mania; the NHL is still going strong (though team Ameego is still  mourning the fate of our dear Winnipeg Jets), the NBA is in full playoff swing (go Raptors!), and football season is right around the corner (in Canada anyway). So what are you doing to attract sports fans?

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Ameego + World Manager: an exciting NEW integration to make TRAINING as easy as scheduling!

3/19/19 7:54 AM Lindsay Gillanders

At Ameego, we’re always developing new tools and searching for new partnerships that will make the lives of our users a whole lot easier.

Our newest integration, with restaurant training and communications powerhouse World Manager, will do just that!

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Ameego Connect will wow you (and save you money!)

3/5/19 7:45 AM Lindsay Gillanders

Are you looking to schedule smarter and save money?

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Your bill 47 (and what's left of 148) cheat sheet!

12/20/18 7:00 AM Lindsay Gillanders

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Topics: Restaurant Labor Control, Restaurant Scheduling

Five dos and don'ts that will make sure your social media marketing is on point!

9/26/18 6:00 AM Lindsay Gillanders

Now that you’re using Ameego for scheduling (RIGHT?!) you have a lot more time on your hands to focus on the other things that go into making a restaurant successful, like marketing! A strong knowledge of how to promote your business is key to making sure your restaurant stays full, but where do you start?

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Topics: Restaurant Culture, Guest Experience

A quick and handy guide to Bill 148 (and anyone else struggling with rising labour costs and increased reporting requirements!)

8/14/18 6:00 AM Lindsay Gillanders

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Scheduling for events: how’s that workin’ out for ya?

2/15/18 8:00 AM Lindsay Gillanders

Let’s talk Valentine’s Day. We know that you’re probably sitting in your restaurant (or if you’re lucky, still lounging in bed!) exhausted from the gong show that just exploded in your dining room and kitchen. There may have been proposals, or break ups, or just heaps of mushy love, but we KNOW that it was an intense day for you and your staff.

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Struggling with employee retention? We have an app for that!

2/2/18 6:59 AM Lindsay Gillanders

Are you glued to your phone? It’s okay to admit that you are, and you’re not the only one. We all know that mobile devices are here to stay, but did you know that they’re actually replacing desktop devices when it comes to accessing the web? According to Entrepreneur Magazine Online, in December 2017, 56.74 percent of internet traffic came from mobile devices (including tablets). That’s huge! While mobile responsive websites were once a nice to have now they’re a requirement, and companies are adding app versions of their sites alongside them as a clean and efficient way to access their content.

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Topics: Restaurant Labor Control, Restaurant Sales and Labor Forecasting, Manager Time Savings, Restaurant Culture, Time and Attendance, Staff Communication Tools

One touch scheduler: bye bye spreadsheets and hours of aggravation, hello one touch and done!

1/17/18 8:00 AM Lindsay Gillanders

Once upon a time in a land called Winnipeg, a bunch of young adults met while working in a downtown restaurant. Bartenders. servers, cocktailers, and supervisors, these dedicated employees loved everything about their job and were the best of friends. Life was wonderful.

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Topics: Restaurant Labor Control, Restaurant Scheduling, Restaurant Sales and Labor Forecasting, Guest Experience

Scared of $15 minimum wage? You aren't the only one. How to combat rising expenses (and keep your restaurant profitable!).

1/10/18 9:00 AM Lindsay Gillanders

Well Ontario, $14 minimum wage is here and $15 minimum wage is just around the corner. In the restaurant industry this is understandably causing some major anxiety. This industry is labour heavy and with one of the biggest costs increasing dramatically, profitability is something that seems less and less certain.

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Topics: Restaurant Sales and Labor Forecasting, Guest Experience

The new social order: how restaurants are catering to demand

9/15/17 8:06 AM Natalie Appleton

It's kind of funny now, to think about the way we used to order pizza.

Find the phonebook under the sofa or above the fridge. Flip to the back to the phonebook to find the pizza places and their menus. Walk to your rotary telephone in the kitchen. Dial the number, fingers dusty with the inky scent of the yellow pages, give your order to the kid on the other end of the phone, tell him your address and give him directions.

Check to make sure you have cash—you had to have cash. About an hour later, the kid’s beat-up car pulled into the driveway, quarters and bills shifting in his fanny pack, and the doorbell rang.

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Topics: Restaurant Sales and Labor Forecasting, Guest Experience

Cutting the floor: metrics that will keep your restaurant profitable

4/11/17 7:00 AM Natalie Appleton

Here's the scenario.

It's almost nine o'clock. Two chits. Eight tables.

The rubble of the dinner rush: bent coasters on the seats, a nearly empty pint glass at the bar, crumpled receipts by the cash machine.

And if you're a manager, those gnawing questions: What did we ring? Do I need to start cutting staff?

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Topics: Restaurant Labor Control

How Ameego predicts the future: introducing our new advanced forecasting capabilities

3/14/17 7:00 AM Natalie Appleton

Think about this question for a moment:

If you have no idea how many guests are going to be in your restaurant for lunch next Tuesday, how can you possibly forecast sales or effectively schedule staff?

Let’s put that question another way:

What if we could show you meal and liquor counts down to 15-minute intervals for every section of your restaurant so you would know exactly what’s happening at your bar this Thursday at 5:45 pm?

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Topics: Restaurant Sales and Labor Forecasting