Ameego restaurant scheduling software works hard for hard working employees.

You know that working in a restaurant is hard, fast-paced, exhausting… but it’s also rewarding, fun and a rush – that’s why you do it. If you’re working for a restaurant that is still using old technology – paper and pens even – to do schedules, or if you have to come into the restaurant to get your schedule or change your shifts, you really should tell your boss to schedule a demo of Ameego.

Ameego is restaurant scheduling software that makes working for restaurants easier. You have online access to your schedule, you get text or email notifications of important news or shift changes. You get automated time tracking to make sure you’re getting paid properly for the shifts you work.

Ameego’s schedules also allow you to add or drop shifts in a way that your manager will approve – because you’ve already found the best fit. So if you want to be happier at work, and have access to the technology that will make managing your life and job a bit easier, try to get your restaurant to use Ameego.

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“We believe that a restaurant’s greatest assets are its people.”

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Email and text notifications mean you always get the message.


Ameego’s online employee portal gives you more control of your schedule.

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