Ameego Connect integrates easily with your POS system.

POS integration for more accurate budgetingIf you’ve got a good POS system in place, you’ve already got all the data you need to start operating your restaurant more efficiently and profitably. You just need the right scheduling software to help you access the data and make it meaningful. That’s where Ameego Connect comes in.

The Ameego system was created to offer the perfect restaurant schedule, but Ameego Connect takes it a step further. Integrating our powerful scheduling software with your POS system in just minutes. Stop playing the scheduling guessing game and instead use your POS data to inform your scheduling decisions. Boom (aka watch your profitability power explode)! 


“The data being pulled from our POS into Ameego Connect lets us build better floor plans by aligning our staffing levels with our sales patterns. It’s key to helping our operators control their labor costs.”

Stephen barker –Director of operations – The Burger's Priest

Generate accurate sales and labor budgets.


Perform more detailed – to the minute – analysis.

POS integration means

Better budgeting and higher profits for owners.

POS integration means

More accurate budgets that ultimately save management time.

POS integration means

More accurate paychecks.

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