Our mobile app, Ameego Anyware, gives you the full power of Ameego in the palm of your hand.

send and receive email and text message notifications of shifts

We know that you’re busy, and that the life of a restaurant manager or owner never stops. You’re always thinking about how things are going even when you’re not in the restaurant. That’s why we designed the manager side of our mobile app, Ameego Anyware, to give you full access to your operations even when you’re not on the floor, or even in the building!

Using the Ameego Anyware app, managers can easily and efficiently manage staff requests (availability, shift swaps, and book offs) while on the go with a powerful, money saving, time saving tool in their pocket at all times.

Within the Ameego Anyware mobile app managers can:

  • See the daily weather forecast (need to cut your patio servers because of rain? Know with plenty of time!).
  • View projected sales.
  • View weekly sales actuals (and how they compare to projections).
  • View the week’s labour (and how it compares to projections).
  • View any team requests pending (book-offs, availability, shift swaps).
  • See the daily schedule (aka a list view of all staff scheduled with shifts for the day).
  • View / approve / deny staff requests like book-offs, shift shop, and availability. Plus, you’ll receive notifications for requests directly to the app (and you can choose which departments you wish to see notifications from).
  • All the other Ameego Anyware features are still accessible as before.

Plus you can push notifications to your staff to make sure that they know what’s going on. Need a server for Saturday at 5:00? Using Ameego Anyware you can send a message that instantly starts blowing up the phones of all of your servers asking if they can help. No need to spend hours calling them all.

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Fionn MacCools

Ameego is great for managing staff requests, and the manager specific functionality in the mobile app is great. I can manage all staff requests without having to be in front of a computer. With a large staff and with how busy I am, I love the convenience of being able to approve days off, shift changes, and availability requests from my phone at any time!

Jay Kilgour – managing partner – fionn Maccool's, Grant Park

Built in replacement locator helps you find available, qualified staff and notify them in seconds.


Individual communications and group notifications are fast and easy.

Notifications mean

Your managers aren’t wasting time on the phone, when they should be on the floor.

Notifications mean

You save time and all your staff gets the message – without any grapevine changes.

Notifications mean

You get the information you need without having to come into the restaurant.

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