Ameego’s notification system keeps your employees informed with minimum effort.

send and receive email and text message notifications of shiftsRestaurant employees are busy, and not always the easiest to get ahold of. Ameego’s notification system allows you to contact your employees no matter where they are or what they’re doing (because who doenst have a smart phone these days?). 

Your message goes out how you intend it and everyone gets the messages they need to see. Group notifications via email or our mobile app are great for informing staff of upcoming events, staff meetings, or general changes. Our notifications are also great for managing on-call shifts!


“Budgeting, planning and auto scheduling are awesome but the communication and replacement of staff is the best. The text and email notifications are a huge time saver. Instead of sitting in the office on the phone I click a couple buttons and I'm out on the floor where I should be.”

Sandy Nebsitt – General Manager – Meathead True Food & Drink

Built in replacement locator helps you find available, qualified staff and notify them in seconds.


Individual communications and group notifications are fast and easy.

Notifications mean

Your managers aren’t wasting time on the phone, when they should be on the floor.

Notifications mean

You save time and all your staff gets the message – without any grapevine changes.

Notifications mean

You get the information you need without having to come into the restaurant.

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