If you're looking for a fun, flexible, career with one of the best teams around, look no further!

At Ameego, we work hard and play hard. It all comes down to results and our expectations are very high. Everyone in our crew is a star performer and they live to exceed expectations. That's the standard by which we live, work, and play. We're not too hot on 'presentee-ism' - just showing up for eight hours a day and not delivering. Results are where it's at and that's how we operate. We work in what's called a 'ROWE' (a 'Results Only Work Environment'). Basically it means that as long as you deliver results you can do whatever the heck you want. whenever the heck you want to. Yup, go grocery shopping on a Tuesday afternoon, and check out a matinee on Thursday, as long as your work gets done. If the ROWE sounds awesome to you, that's because it it! 

We also work remotely so jobs are open to anyone, anywhere! You must be a Canadian citizen though (sorry all non Canadians!). 



Sorry, there no open positions right now.


“Ameego is a great tool for coaching our team about labour. By being able quickly see and compare results, our managers are more aware and effective in controlling our labour costs. It saves us time, our employees love it, and it has helped us increase our profitability!”

Chris Dyck - General Manager - Smitty's Steinbach






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